Whose little silver car? Is that your gray pickup truck?

What is down at the pond? Why do you go so often? Your *** games are catching up with you and you are being exposed for what you really are. Are drugs involved in your cons or are you just that messed up?

People are fed up with cons, liars, thieves, etc., which, by the way, you fit all of these categories, do you not?

Now you have a regular following because you have cheated so many people and those people have friends and we all are watching to see what happens with the charges that have been filed against you and if you can weasel your way out of them, after all, that,s what you are is a weasel, right? We will be in touch.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Hey all you who have been ripped off by *** Hughes, he is getting out of the Columbia County Jail on Friday, the 31st. Fitting for the devil to be set free on Halloween!


I also think there is a lot going on around there. Things are strange and very unstable at best and now that Amanda is gone there's no telling what will be going on in the cow pasture (that he doesn't have any ownership of) as well as down at the pond (which he has no ownership of).

He is definitely unstable mentally, abusive with everyone and everything in his life, aggressive & threatening when things don't go his way. Talk about wanting special treatment, all of his problems are due to someone or something other than Sean Hughes.

His rich kids obviously don't care as he stated in one of his crazy middle of the night rants.

As he stated, what goes around comes around and I believe Hughes is getting what he deserves, from several different directions.

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